Apply here MAHRCM 2015

Application process MAHRCM2015

Dear applicants,

kindly be informed that the application process for the MAHRCM programme 2015 is now open. Please find in the box on the right-hand side menu the two Calls for applications for NON EU candidates and EU candidates.

Candidates shall enter their application online using the links provided below. They are strongly advised to fill in all mandatory fields including the one concerning their motivational profile.

We would like to specify that the application process at the beginning requires to insert the fiscal code which will be used as the registration number of the application. Applicants who do not possess the fiscal code are requested to use the automatic generator in the online application form.

Applicants will need to upload in the online application system the following documents:

- CV/ résumé;

- Transcript of all records of the BA degree (or equivalent)

Applicants are informed that in case the BA degree transcript is missing, the application will be considered inadmissible.

NON EU applicant

The selection process of non-EU citizens is organised in two rounds.

The application deadline for the first round of selection of non-EU candidates was set on 2nd July 2014 while the deadline for the second round was set on 17th September.

Please find in the box on the right-hand side menu the list of NON EU candidates that have been admitted to the Programme and applicants that have been included in the reserve list. Persons on the reserve list will be contacted if space is made available and if their position on the reserve list is reached

This year the pool of applicants was particularly large and extremely qualified, which makes us proud while sad at the same time as regretfully we cannot have all of you here in Pisa.

Applicants whose name is not included in either list have not met the minimum criteria for being admitted. Nevertheless, we encourage them to keep on enriching their academic and professional background, hoping that they will submit their application for the next edition.

EU applicants

Applications for admission by EU citizens shall be sent no later than 17 October 2014.

To APPLY NOW FOR THE SELECTION OF EU CANDIDATES please click HERE (we suggest you to use the Mozilla Firefox browser to fill in the application form)